Private Maths, Physics, Science & IT Tuition from an Oxford University Graduate in Kingston

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My name is Andy Hine and I am an Oxford Tutor offering private tuition in Maths, Physics, Science and IT from G.C.S.E to degree level via Skype and in Kingston (close to East Molesey, Ham, New Malden, Norbiton, Richmond, Surbiton, Teddington and Twickenham).

With over 17 years private tutoring experience using my unique teaching method based on the Oxbridge tutorial system, a 1st class Master's degree from Oxford University and a CRB certificate (police checked) I offer effective, enjoyable tuition to boost knowledge, test results and confidence.

Contact me on 02036270821 or to discuss your individual needs and how I can help.

Subjects taught by Oxford Tutor

Maths GCSE, A Level, Degree - please contact me with your Degree requirements
Physics GCSE, A Level
Chemistry GCSE
Biology GCSE
IT / ICT GCSE, A Level, Degree
Entrance exams St Paul's, PAT, Oxbridge etc

Oxford Tutor Location

I offer private tuition via Skype and at Richmond Park Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 6AF (map) close to Kingston train station and the 65 bus route within easy walking distance from Tiffin Boy's school, Tiffin Girl's school and Kingston Grammar school.

Please click here for directions.

Please note: Regrettably I am unable to travel to students' houses. All tuition takes place from my house.

Oxford Tutor Prices

GCSE From £55 per hour
A Level From £55 per hour
Degree From £55 per hour

Discounts are available for group lessons.

Oxford Tutor's Qualifications


I was awarded a general entry scholarship at the age of 12 to Reed's school, Cobham, and also a science scholarship at the age of 16.
I was awarded 7A*s and 3As at GCSE and 4 As at A Level in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.


I studied for a Master's in Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford University (St Anne's College) and graduated in 2003 with a 1st Class Master's Degree and was ranked 3rd in the year.
Oxford University awarded me a scholarship during my 4th year, which was also sponsored by a Governmental Department.
I then spent over a year in Japan on a scholarship from Oxford University where I learnt Japanese and taught English both in schools and privately.


Returning to the UK in 2004 I started tuition for several tuition agencies, and also founded a successful web development company,, utilising my own very powerful website engine platform I developed and coded.

CRB License

I hold a CRB license (please contact me for the Disclosure Number), which means I have been police checked and certified safe to work with children and vulnerable people in a one-on-one environment.

Oxford Tutor Teaching Method

Humans forget around 80% of things they are told, almost instantaneously, especially if the information is not important to them.

Based on the Oxford tutorial system, I have developed a teaching method to allow the students to work out the solution to the problem themselves, in a logical manner, based on basic facts they know and understand.

Providing guidance and fine tuning everyone's inbuilt problem-solving techniques ensures the student remembers the route to answer, and can therefore solve similar questions themselves.

Oxford Tutor's Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from past and current students - please feel free to contact any of them for an individual reference by email or contact me for their telephone numbers where not provided.

"Andy is really good at getting straight to the point of the topic / question. He explains things in a concise and condensed manner."
Bill Fisher,18,, 07947301128
A Level Physics, Jan. Bill got an A in his Physics exam.

"Andy is a likeable, easy to talk to tutor who explains things clearly and in detail, especially the important fundamentals. Would recommend highly."
Costin Whale,18,, 0754 993 6672
A Level Core Maths 4, Physics, Jan

"Because English is not my first or second language, I found understanding A level Maths problems in English initially very difficult. However, after just a few lessons I noticed an improvement due to Andy's excellent teaching technique - he will give you time to think and then explain. He can find an individual approach for every student and will motivate you to work hard and appreciate the study skills he teaches."
Aigerim Salim, 21,, 0750605887
A Level Maths, March

"Helpful because I had to derive the equations myself, therefore understanding the subject better. I will definitely be back next year!"
Arseniy Beliy, 16,, 07771752019
A Level Physics (AQA)

"Andy managed to teach me the entirety of three Further Maths modules in the space of about six months. I feel like I have a better understanding than if I were to be taught in a classroom even though I only did a few hours a week. I think he helped me because he would not simply tell me the answer if I was struggling, but make me work it out. (I also got to have lessons in the sunshine in the garden!)"
Ella Sibley, 18,, 07815608651
A Level Maths

"Andy has been a challenging and engaging tutor. I feel much more confident about my exam now."
Andrew Rendall, 18,, May
A Level Physics
Results August: "I got an A overall and 92% in the exam you helped me with!!! I definitely would not have done that on my own so thanks very much for your help."

"Andy helped us to improve our confidence and understand all the formulas we needed to use. Good teaching method."
William Row and Jessica Gooding, 20, 07944059595
Kingston University, Business Management, Quantitative Methods
Results August: Both William and Jessica passed, William achieved an A grade.

"Andy's tuition improved my confidence and ability to tackle challenging mathematical questions and physics concepts."
Catherine Howe, 17,, June
A Level Maths and Physics
Results August: "Catherine got her A in Maths - which was in fact the whole A level. Thanks for your help in her achieving this."

Group AS Physics, January
"Andy's way of teaching really helped me understand Physics. I am now really confident going into my exams and doing well."
Aniruddh Unandrasheka, 16, 07965 235 839

"Andy has made all the lessons enjoyable by teaching every topic in a practical manner."
Navin, 16,

"The extra tuition I had with Andy gave me much more confidence in dealing with difficult maths questions. His methodical approach of teaching certainly improved my discipline in the laying out of my work."
Thomas, 12
Results: St Paul's School entrance examination preparation - Thomas was awarded an exhibition

"I thought Andy's tuition was interesting and different to how I had been taught before. It was very worthwhile and useful."
Natasha Skeet, 17,, 0208 788 8797
A2 Physics

"I found Andy's style of teaching very effective in helping me recall intrinsic parts of my course.
Lessons were productive, combining humour and practical tasks in a way that is conducive to learning."

Charles Richards, 17, 07867592656,
A Level Physics and Core Maths

"Andy taught me how to derive the equations I need myself. This is a much more useful exam technique than trying to remember meaningless equations from the books!"
Brett Bates, 18, 01707 276308,
A Level Maths

"By making me think of the answer myself, Andy helped me learn the syllabus better."
Jessica, 16,, June
Combined Science GCSE

"I thought Andy's tutoring was very helpful, especially in Physics. His explanations were clear and easy to follow and going through the past papers with him definitely helped me with my exam technique and my confidence of the topics we worked through. Definitely recommended!"
Cris Gardner, 17,
International Baccalaureate Maths and Physics

"Learning from Andy has really boosted my confidence and I've learnt a lot of Physics! He is a very good teacher!"
Hector Castanada, 17, 0781 0455 90,
A Level Physics

"Andy offered good, enjoyable lessons. His teaching style helped me develop the answers required in the exams."
Shane Murphy, 17,, June
A2 Physics

"Teaching style is very good always making sure I know the basics then moving onto more complex work. Very good teaching skills."
Isaac Miiro, mature student,
GCSE Maths

"He's good. He made me think about maths logically not like a different language."
Adam Walker, 16,
GCSE Maths and Biology

"I found it extremely useful because he wouldn't give me the whole answer, he would gently push (not literally) me in the right direction.
I would then have enough information to work out the answer for myself."

Cham, 15,
GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

"Good style of teaching - always making me work things out for myself."
Katrina Josephides, 17,
A Level Physics

Wimbledon High School Parent - please contact me for contact details
GCSE Physics, December

Recommended Revision Books by Oxford Tutor

I recommend the following revision books both for the student's independent revision and for the basis of teaching material during lessons:

revision book image
revision book image
CGP GCSE Biology
revision book image
CGP GCSE Chemistry
revision book image
CGP GCSE Physics
revision book image
CGP GCSE Double Science

AS Maths: Revision Guide Pt. 1 & 2
revision book image
A2-Level Physics: Revision Guide

Past Exam Papers and Answers

Past exam papers and answers are vital for exam practice after the core concepts have been learnt. Edexcel, OCR and AQA Exam Board GCSE and A Level past papers are available from the board's own website.